How to Win the Marital Lottery

sherrychairAs a therapist, author and media expert specializing in relationship issues, Sherry Amatenstein has seen it all. For couples at midlife, years of unhealthy patterns in the marriage that have been swept under the rug often surface with a vengeance. And while marriage in your 20s and 30s is about building a life together – having children, creating careers, buying a house –  midlife couples must work to create new goals. Sherry gives simple, straightforward advice about how to have a happy and fulfilling marriage for the rest of your life. First up – The 2-Minute Marriage Fix: Appreciation.

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  1. Marriage is just like training a puppy…a great dog and companion comes from positive reinforcement. Men, like puppies like a happy pack!

  2. I like this simple, yet very important tip to remember to do with our husbands.

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