7 Midlife Women Who Leaned In

This just in: Sheryl Sandberg did not invent the concept of leaning in to achieve goals and be true to oneself. Women have been leaning in, leaping in, embracing, reinventing, and taking risks to follow their paths for a very long time. Here are some of our favorite WHOA! women who inspire us to literally be all that we can be.


Renowned author and teacher Marianne Williamson decided to listen to her own teachings and step waaaay out of her comfort zone. Here she talks about how she made the decision to run for Congress.



Rebecca Costa knew she had a book in her and knew that if she didn’t get it out, she would one day have regrets. The result is The Watchman’s Rattle: A Radical New Theory of Collapse, now an international best seller.



Heidi Roizen never let the fact that she was almost always the only woman in the room in the highly competitive, predominantly male  Silicon Valley stop her. Not for one minute.



Pat Wynn Brown was on a mission to turn her wildly successful live production The Hairdo Monologues into a DVD to be shared with cancer patients, their friends, family, support groups and health providers throughout the world. So she created a Kickstarter campaign and went for it. Watch a snippet of her show.



When tragedy struck, Margie Hyatt decided it was high time for her to follow the spiritual path that had long been calling her.



Kellie Green wanted to show other women who had also battled cancer and had mastectomies that their breasts do not determine their beauty. So she went topless at 53.



In her travels around the world, Paola Gianturco was amazed by the many brave, determined grandmothers she met who were doing everything they could to fight poverty, disease, illiteracy, human rights and more to create a better world. Her book, Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon, is beautifully photographed by Paola and features 120 incredible women.


  1. Thank you. Many women have empowered themselves without needing someone to tell them to. On the other hand, some women do need encouragement. It’s infuriating for SS to be treated as if she’s come up with something new, though.

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