Darryle Pollack


WHOA! fits right into Darryle Pollack’s lifetime experience as a pioneer.  She was a member of the first graduating class at Yale to include women;  a female  journalist who broke barriers in television news; a cancer advocate who led a lawsuit to save a vaccine; an early adopter and leader for her demographic in social media and blogging.

A Stage III breast cancer diagnosis when she was a young mom spun Darryle’s life around.   This led her to discover the healing power of art and mosaics, including her unique and whimsical Boobalas.

A 20-year survivor, Darryle remains actively involved in cancer causes, writing and speaking about her experiences and cancer journey.  She was selected as a BlogHer Voice of the Year, which influenced an awareness of women’s increasing invisibility as they age and helped inspire the growing communities of midlife women online.

Featured on websites including The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, and Scary Mommy, Darryle titled her book, TEDx talk and personal blog  I never signed up for this… in honor of all the times in her life she’s said those words.

Contact Darryle at DarryleP@gmail.com