Lynn Forbes

LynnWhoa1Lynn Forbes has been moving full speed ahead since the day she opened her eyes. Family lore has it that when she was 6 weeks old she almost wiggled her way off  of Great Aunt Margaret’s lap. Her career has revolved around telling compelling stories and connecting interesting people, first as a newspaper journalist with the Hearst Corporation and others and then as a digital content and strategy executive with such companies as Microsoft, Scripps Networks and BlogHer. She is most proud of the work she has done to elevate the voices and lives of women.

Lynn is the co-founder of the Hunger Awareness Project, an organization that provides thousands of meals per week to those in need, and is a volunteer with Sustainable San Mateo County. She is the proud mom of two amazing daughters and lives in California with her love and two goofy Corgi mutts. Her motto: Live like you mean it. Contact Lynn at