Incredible Activist Grandmothers

grandmothercoverF copyPaola Gianturco stumbled upon a new international movement of activist grandmothers that nobody was talking about. She was so  inspired she decided to write a book about it. The result is Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon. Beautifully photographed by Paola, the book features 120 women in 15 countries, on five continents who are courageously and effectively fighting against poverty, disease, illiteracy, human rights abuses and more to create a better world. One hundred percent of the proceeds of the book go to women in Africa who are raising their grandchildren following the death of their children due to AIDS. Buy the book here. For more about the book, the movement and the woman, click here. If you are in the Grand Rapids, MI area, you can see the Grandmother Power exhibit at the the Grand Rapids Public Museum. For information about the exhibit and associated events, click here.

Here is a short clip to get warmed up, followed below by the full 9-minute interview.


  1. What a terrific endeavor to help!

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