Valerie’s 3 Miracles


By Darryle Pollack

The first miracle, of course, is simply that she’s here; that she defied her cancer diagnosis and is able to dance.

She pulled off a second miracle on the show. Her participation presumably intended to raise ratings; surrounded by other “stars”, most of them one third her age with an even smaller fraction of her talent (is tanning a talent?); she was a fish out of water. Despite all that, she had her game face on, and managed the impossible: Dignity.

And there’s one more minor miracle: that after knowing her all these years as her beloved character Rhoda Morgenstern, we’ve come to love the real woman even more.

Possibly there’s only one person who knows both Valerie and Rhoda so intimately.

And that is Charlotte Brown, writer on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, later the writer/Executive Producer/Show runner for Rhoda.  She describes this unique experience from her unique perspective in our exclusive and fascinating interview.  Click here to watch.




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