Still Going Strong


For me, the absolute best part of WHOA! Network is getting to know amazing women, both online and off.  In fact that’s one of the inspirations behind WHOA! in the first place: the opportunity to share and spotlight some of the incredible  women I already knew.

Iris and meAnd here’s a perfect example:  Iris Rainer Dart (best known as the author of Beaches).

She just celebrated her 70th birthday and she’d be the first to tell you her life has never been busier or better. And she means it.

I’ve known her for decades and there’s no drop-off  in her zest for life, drive and determination.

Maybe we all do this, but I find that often, what I admire most in my friends are qualities I wish I had more of myself.

If I wrote a script and nothing happened with it  for a year or two, I’d stick it away in a drawer and forget about it and move on. Iris, on the other hand,  will stick with it, as she did with her first Broadway show for almost 20 years until it happened; or more accurately, until she made it happen. Check out this post I wrote about  her quest to fulfill her lifelong dream of getting to Broadway.  

ny-iris-068-966x1024 (1)I was there to share in that moment; and I plan to be there again someday when Beaches the Musical hits Broadway.

Here’s a little coda to the story of my friendship with Iris: I was pregnant with my first child about a year before Iris got pregnant with her second child. How perfect that they were both girls.

Of course the tricky part is that your children might not like or even be civil to the children of your friends.  We were lucky. They liked each other, even more, they became best friends.  Today they are grown up, still  best friends, who often say they met “in utero.”  Sounds like a story Iris could have written, right?

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