Summer Style Secrets

Our panel of fashionistas talks tips, tricks, and summer style secrets, as well as the confidence to pull it all off.  Have a WHOA summer!

Here’s a 30 second preview of all the fun!

And here’s the whole enchilada:

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Interested in specific topics? Here is a list with corresponding times discussed in the show:

  • Hats: 1:00
  • White Pants: 3:37
  • Tops and Bras: 6:40
  • Shorts: 11:18
  • Bathing Suits: 16:33
  • Guest of a Wedding: 22:39


Our Guests include:

Deborah Boland
Deborah Boland, creator of Fabulous After 40®

Tip: Nothing looks tackier than fake orangey colored pantyhose reinforced at the toe with cute strappy sandals. Get a fake tan using bronzer or go for a sexy pair of slingbacks instead.


Oceana Lott, creator of Oceana’s Canvas

Tip: Stick with natural fibers – linen is especially breathable and is low-impact on the environment.

Sylvia van de Logt


Sylvia van de Logt, creator of 40 + Style

Tip: Nothing is as easy and glamorous and cool as a good summer dress.



Shelley Zurek, creator of Still Blonde After All These Years

Tip: If you must wear capris, wear heels.


Felice Shapiro, founder of Better After 50

Tip: Better than Spanx: YUMMIE TUMMIE

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