Lynn Gets Married!

whoaweddingShe’s got the look of love!

Congratulations and much happiness to the newlyweds:  WHOA! co-founder Lynn Forbes, a beautiful bride (at 58!) and her new husband Jim, who just got married  at an event she describes as “magical”.

And maybe magic is the perfect word for those lucky in love late in life.

Lynn talked about that recently with several other women in late-blooming romances.   Click here to see their conversation.


photo 2 lfwedding


  1. Karin Lippert says:

    A WHOA! Wedding. So happy for you. Congratulations…and happiness.

  2. So there really is hope!! Lol. Look forward to meeting you one day, Lynn. Much congratulations and happiness to you and Jim!!

    • Lynn Forbes says:

      Awww….thank you Gail. All those feelings of love and happiness you think you experience only when you are younger do NOT have an expiration date 🙂

  3. Congratulations! How lucky any of us are to find a soul mate, at any stage of life!

    • Lynn Forbes says:

      Jill, that’s exactly right. All these timelines our society throws at us about when to be a mom, a bride, an entrepreneur – we have to just challenge the hell out of them. No expiration dates!

  4. The day was overwhelmingly full of happiness and love – and family and friends from several corners of the globe.
    I was grateful and blessed to witness to such an extraordinary wedded couple!
    We are so happy to welcome Lynn into our tribe!

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