Marianne Williamson on Leaving her Comfort Zone

Author and teacher Marianne Williamson has helped people all over the world learn to listen to their hearts. Now she’s making a major shift in her own life to do just that herself: She’s running as an Independent for Congress in Los Angeles, District 33. The race became even more interesting recently when word got out that Henry Waxman, longtime Democratic congressman in the same district,  is retiring.

After a campaign event at a friend’s house, WHOA! co-founder Darryle Pollack had a quick, impromptu chat with Marianne in the kitchen – with no handlers, no preparation and no fuss.  Marianne explains why she’s decided to step so far out of her comfort zone at this particular point in her life.


  1. I have long been such a fan of Marianne’s as a writer, an inspirational speaker and a spiritual teacher. I was at an event in LA a couple of years ago called Sister Giant when she encouraged each of us to step up to be seen and heard in the world to make a difference–especially in the political world. I also had the honor of being present when she announced her candidacy last month. I admire her chutzpah and her willingness to listen to the depths of her heart to do and be more in this world. She is someone who truly makes a difference. Her willingness to put herself out there–beyond her comfort zone is a call for us all to do that. Thank you, Marianne and thank you Darryle for sharing this.

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