Meet Sue Shifrin-Cassidy

Sue-Head_2Married to David Cassidy (yes, THAT David Cassidy), Sue Shifrin-Cassidy is also a singer, songwriter, author, entrepreneur; who says the best time of her life started after age 50.




Sue chats with WHOA! co-founder Darryle Pollack – who met Sue on the first day of high school.


Sue talk about her experiences in the music business; and what she thinks is the best job in the world.

imagesOne of Sue’s dreams was realized with the publication of The Lifeboard, a visual roadmap to help you make your dreams come true.  Click here for more about The LifeBoard.


  1. I loved this interview with Sue. Her honesty about who she was and who she is today was both refreshing and inspiring. I also loved the friendship between Sue and Darryle. It came through loud and clear in this video. Thank-you for sharing this interview with your viewers. It was well worth watching! Hugs, Debi

  2. Thanks SO much Darryle for this fabulous interview with Sue! I felt like I was listening to a good friend who is 100% real and encouraging. Many thanks and congratulations on WHOA! I have passed it along!!

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