Our New Role Model: Marian Cannon Schlesinger, 101

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.39.25 AM“She is my new role model.” That’s what WHOA! co-founder Darryle Pollack told her friend Stephen Schlesinger when she saw this piece in the Atlantic Monthly on his mother, 101-year-old Marian Cannon Schlesinger, former wife of JFK advisor Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Steve says his mom is as full of energy and spirit as she always was. They regularly talk sports (she’s a big Red Sox and Patriots fan), politics ( she loves Rachel Maddow and all the MSNBC shows) and books (she’s a big reader and published the second volume of her life story at 99). Can we all say:  WHOA!!!

Click here to read the piece: A Centenarian’s Advice to Young Women: Figure Out What You Want:  A conversation with Marion Cannon Schlesinger about feminism, privilege, Julia Child, and the Kennedy era.


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