Surprise help from the mom of two Olympians

Downsizing through a mountain of stuff saved from her two children, Darryle gets advice from Amy Hughes, mother of 6 including Olympic champion ice skater Sarah Hughes; while Amy gets her angel wings.


  1. Wow, Darryle. Or should I say WHOA! I don’t think I would have been as calm, cool and collected
    (or should I say collectible?) if someone just showed up while I was trying to pack. Obviously, you two have a special joyful connection. And I’m sure Amy added much levity to the letting go process. But I do so admire your sense of humor during what would freak me out. Thanks for sharing….you made me feel better about all my clutter and things I can’t part with! xoxoxoxoxoWendi

  2. Diane Brenner says:

    Hi Darryle:

    It was so great to see both you and Aim together. Your video made my afternoon!

    Lots of luck with your move….


  3. Amy and Darryle I was Amy’s SDT sorority sister(Karen Brody ’70). Saw this on Facebook. So much fun and I work as an organizer with a senior move management company in Philly and get paid to do the downsizing! Lov to Amy, K


  1. […] visited me again yesterday, which is in this little video I shot for WHOA!–along with surprises for both of us.  Amy deserves angel wings for helping me […]

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