She made you laugh and made history doing it

Mary Tyler Moore made it okay to be a single career woman; even more Moore, she made it okay for single women to stay home Saturday nights to watch another single woman on TV. The Mary Tyler Moore Show not only changed the world for women ON television, the show also changed the world for […]

Valerie’s 3 Miracles

By Darryle Pollack The first miracle, of course, is simply that she’s here; that she defied her cancer diagnosis and is able to dance. She pulled off a second miracle on the show. Her participation presumably intended to raise ratings; surrounded by other “stars”, most of them one third her age with an even smaller […]

Rooting for Rhoda

Whether she’s Dancing with the Stars or battling a terminal illness, we’re pulling for her; ¬†as we always have since we first met her on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Valerie Harper remains identified and even interchangeable with Rhoda Morgenstern, the beloved character she inhabited. That’s one reason behind her enduring appeal; and possibly no […]