Our Team

Shari Freedman

Sfreedman(SFTIMES)4.3.12Shari Freedman is a seasoned finance executive with more than 20 years experience leading finance and operations functions for  many companies. She is passionate about building great products, hiring and managing high-performance, value-driven teams and helping set the strategic direction for success. Shari is the Board of Directors Chair of the San Francisco Food Bank, a lifelong learner, world explorer and devoted mom to daughter, Rachel. Her dream is to run the Amazing Race.



Cindy Myers

CindyMeyersCindy is our amazing Chief Marketing Officer. When she was 12, her Dad, often mistaken for Joe Biden, took a picture of her in front of The White House. Ten years later, she was working there. Drawn to presidential politics, the news media and creating powerful messages, Cindy wove her main interests into a career. She was an associate TV  producer at WETA-TV, PBS,  and Director of Special Events at The American Film Institute. She was named the top marketing executive for the San Francisco Examiner, led communications for Common Sense Media, directed corporate communications for an education technology company, and often jumps back into politics as a senior media advisor for the Democratic National Convention. She has consulted for museums, start-ups, technology companies, policymakers, news organizations, authors and universities. She  likes to walk the WHOA! by bringing together the right people, brands and media to create the biggest impact.


Tracey Lally

TLallyTracey is our go-to woman for site updates, newsletter and graphic creations, technological mysteries and anything else her can-do attitude allows us to throw in her lap. She recognizes that “the whole is greater than its parts,” and enjoys enriching her education every day to enhance your WHOA! experience. With a mathematics and economics background, Tracey’s logical yet creative approach to finding a solution also makes her a fantastic Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy couch player. A wonderful baker and an avid fan of football season, a day without Tracey is truly a day without sunshine for us!