Valentine’s Day Reversal

I wrote this post a few years ago before I married my wonderful husband. We were in the first year of our relationship and I was truly surprised by how my view of Valentine’s Day was turned upside down. – Lynn Forbes, co-founder WHOA! Network.

I have friends who simply hate, hate, hate Valentine’s Day. We all know why, so I won’t go into it. I haven’t exactly dreaded Valentine’s Day in years past as much as dismissed it. It was a day that had nothing to do with me, like Chanukah or Dia de los Muertos. But this year is different. This year there is JW.

Part of me is pretty thrilled that I am a member in good standing of the club of hearts. But I am also sort of sheepish about the whole thing. Oh, ok, I’m disgusted with myself. Me, buy into a fabricated event created by retail opportunists who will make more money in one day than they do all year? Me, embrace the prescribed candlelight, the scramble¬†for dinner reservations, the hunt for just the right card. Me?? What the heck is going on?

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So I’ve been debating with my contradictory self for the last week or so, my angst increasing as the number of Valentine’s Day commercials¬† multiply. I’ve talked to JW about this. His view is yes, it’s one of those obligatory times on the calendar, but so what? He wants to make it nice for me. He’s happy to make it nice for me. We don’t have to make a big deal about it – maybe pack a lunch, a bottle of Champagne and drive down the coast for the day. Do something beautiful like that. Too sweet.

Love makes you goofy, doesn’t it? You think you’ll do it differently than anyone ever has, that you won’t fall into the traditional rituals or standard expectations, but in the end we all want the same thing – to be cherished, desired and loved. And we all want – each in our own way – to have that love acknowledged. Before you know it you’re talking about what to do on Valentine’s Day and and you’re driving down the coast.

So I decided to speak with a few of my single friends who, as I said, hate, hate, hate Valentine’s Day, with the goal that I would land solidly on one side of the V Day issue or the other. And you know what each one of them has said to me? You deserve it. Revel in your love. Love is good. All you need is love.

I buy it.


  1. Beautiful post. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!!

  2. I’ve made my peace with this holiday. I don’t really feel much of anything and yes, same thing with me, it’s a marketing event but if I were in love and someone wanted to make the day special for me, yeah, I’d let him and I’m so glad that you did and that that love has and will remain in your life.

  3. Gawd knows I love LOVE, especially falling into it. Better than chocolate mousse by a long shot, sister, but really the obligatory giving of material validation makes me ill. Anything “just because I was thinking of you” validates love so much more to me. The marketing is such a turn off! Poor folk of Chicago who have to observe Sweetest Day, yet another confectioners-created Hallmark “holiday” that no brave (smart) man dare ignore. I’ve also observed that it’s more to the man “to deliver” not south for the chicks, can’t figure that one put either but haven’t put too much time into it.
    A weird but hardy hated day but I’m in a good solid place….
    peace out! (pecked out my iPhone, yr patience is ‘preciated!)

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