Kelly and Sally Jackson

In 2007 Kelly and Sally Jackson started their blog The Midlife Gals, giving most of their insanity a soft place to land. These sassy sisters morphed their blog into a video series and have produced more than 150 videos to date.

About the Creators:

KellyJacksonphotoKelly Jackson is a “Jill of all Trades and a Mistress of None.” She has owned three small businesses, worked as a medical transcriptionist, waitress, lunch enthusiast and cowgirl without portfolio. Kelly worked as an executive assistant for the daughter of one President (yes, of the United States) and for a media guru who helped another President preside in the White House for two terms. She is now a writer with a second novel in the works.

Kelly is a certified yoga instructor now living in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is looking for a successful, creative, well-traveled, handsome man … oops, never mind, this is her bio not her journal.


SallyJacksonphotoIf you ask anybody in the entertainment industry who Sally Jackson is, they will say she was an accomplished casting director. Having cast principal actors for directors such as Stephen Spielberg and other legendary filmmakers (see credits on IMDB), Sally has developed a reputation from Hollywood to Austin to Hawaii as one of the most inspiring and insightful acting coaches that actors have ever had.  Although it was a great day job, Sally always thought of herself as an actor, and still does …

Bookers at famous improv locations will laugh just thinking of her stand-up routines. She is glad to be the comedic writing of the internationally known video series The Midlife Gals.






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