Rosie Battista

Rosie BattistaOn her websiteSleeping Naked After 40, Rosie shares tips, ideas and recipes on how to build the healthiest, sexiest version of yourself…no matter your age or stage in life.   You only get one body. Make it an awesome one!

Though not many 50-somethings would appear onstage in a bikini, Rosie practices what she preaches about losing weight and gaining self-confidence. Her struggles with food, weight and self-image became part of the journey  leading her to become a weight loss specialist and nutrition and lifestyle coach. Having written several books, including Sleeping Naked after Forty, Cooking Naked after Forty, The Naked Truth and Naked Success, her goal is to change your diet and your relationship with food.

Getting lost in excuses that tell you why you can’t;  Rosie recommends that you trust that you can, one step at a time. Visit Rosie to read about her journey.




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