Why She Went Topless at 53

WHOA! co-founder Darryle Pollack came across Kellie Green in a Facebook group recently. As a breast cancer survivor, Darryle was moved by what Kellie did to show other women that breasts don’t determine beauty. So she shares Kellie’s message and her story here.




  1. Virginia White-Gaul says:

    Women should go topless at ANY age—I never understood, even when I was six years old, why it was “wrong” for a woman to bare her chest but not a man. Silly rule. And all women are beautiful, at any age, especially if they have been through a mastectomy and have lived to tell about it! I think that the old saw about “titties being obscene” should be put out to pasture—it’s ridiculous. I’m proud of this woman, and I’m proud of all cancer survivors, and cancer fighters!

  2. Diddy Elliott says:

    Well done you kellie x

  3. so proud of you Kellie,we are both 5 year triple negative breast cancer survivors,i was fortunate to not lose my breasts but i am so proud of the way you are showing others that its not the end of the world to lose your breasts,especially if they were killing you,you are a true inspiration ,i wish for you health and happiness in every thing you do <3 love you xxx

  4. I come at it from a completely opposite view. I’d be much more comfortable to go topless after a mastectomy than I’ve ever been before. I’ve been a size D from the age of 12 and then after I had kids I went up to a DD. I’ve always been more embarrassed by them than anything. And at that size, they don’t stay up for long. To me, going topless in public is a complete nightmare. I am jealous of flat chested women.

  5. Darryle Pollack says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful comments; Kellie is so inspiring!! I also related to what you said, Jennifer. I was jealous of flat-chested women, till I became one. I’ve always self conscious about my top half both with breasts and without them.

  6. Reconstruction isn’t for everyone; and indeed, she IS beautiful, happy, and healthy-looking.

  7. This is so inspirational ,I have had a single mastectomy in April 2013 and no reconstruction and still healing ,I don’t mind going out with just one boob , and this makes me think again about how much I have let my self worry about what I look like .Thankyou so much for this video


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