Women and Alcohol: We’re in Big Trouble

It’s sneaky and progressive. One day your nightly glass of wine turns into two, then three. …  Ann Dowsett Johnston, author of the book  “Drink”, knew she was in trouble when she hit five. The stories and statistics in this must-read book about  the increasing problem of women and alcohol are frightening. And the epidemic faced by younger women – targeted by the alcohol industry with such products as Skinny Girl Vodka and Girls Night Out wine – will just make you mad. Here’s a 2-minute clip followed by the full 10-minute, must-see interview.


  1. What a great interview. So many great points and realizations. This liberal drinking is especially scary for the younger generation. It’s not that we want to go back to the temperance movement, but Ann raises an important issue that we need to become more aware of. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lynn Forbes says:

      Thank you Anne-Marie. This is such an important topic. We need to bring it out into the light and continue to talk about it!

  2. As a non-drinker I am always amazed at how people are able to drink quite a bit and still stay awake! Alcohol has always put me to sleep. This is a very important video for women to watch.

  3. I think people our age are largely unaware of drinking problems being so prevalent during midlife. I have one glass of wine maybe every other week, so I had NO idea about this problem. So glad you are spreading awareness about it.


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